Thai Lemongrass & Coconut
Soothing and uplifting with an exotic essence of Thai lemongrass. Balanced with a splash of fresh coconut and ruby rose. Gently infused with a woody touch of amber and musk.
Duchess Rose & Grapefruit
Precious duchess roses, elegant and alluring. Deepened with juicy wild grapefruit, ripe plump, pear, ylang-ylang, ambrette seeds, white musk and a glimpse of oaky wood.
Siamese Woods
A mysterious charm of Siamese evergreen woods. Earthy and leafy with guaiac wood, sandalwood, cedar leaf, nutmeg, and peppery basil. Woven with notes of tobacco leaf, tonka bean and prunes.
Lavender de Vert
Drift away with a sensual pleasure of freshly cut lavender bouquet, infused with clean and crisp bergamot, white thyme and woody lime. Combined with rosemary and oakmoss.
White Citrus & Vanilla Orchid
Vibrant bergamot lemon and succulent peach twisted with green peppermint. Wrapped with a soft touch of vanilla orchid, midnight-blooming jasmine, woody amber and musk.
Royal Jasmine & Mint
Invokes a sense of charm with luxurious blend of elegant royal jasmine and crushed peppermint. Soften with notes of ylang-ylang, stephanotis and white floral.